We were born to be happy

After 2 months busy upgrading my career skillsets. I just back running today. I realized that 2 months were tooooo fast! 13km. 1.5 hours. It was like 1.5 months. Some photos for the months.

Brain energy

The power of brain enetgy is forgetten PS: Wrote it when I were drunk and stoned. Something that beautiful has happened but I forget it. Damn!

A peaceful afternoon

Visit my mother-in-law who passed away last year. I can read a lot of stories on graveyard stones. Life is too short. Indeed.


Hôm nay xem trên Facebook có status khá vui của một bạn Thấy có từ “ngành” khá thú vị và chắc chắn nó không phải ngành thường. Search qua thì thấy ngay kết quả hehe

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