Cat Ba Island 2018


Duration5 days and nights
Expense2,700,000 VND

The first day, we got on the bus around 3 PM, arrived at Cau Rao bus station at 4.30 PM. I and Duy enjoyed riding our bicycles from the bus station to the ferry station. Haiphong is pretty cool with this route.

The video that describe my first in Cat Ba

Second Day


Record a game on weekend

This is a mobile game that I’ve played since 2014. It’s only MOBA game that I can play pretty well.

It’s cool when you tracking down everything that you do in your life.

I recorded it using my iPhone 6 plus and Macbook Air. The video quality is pretty awesome for me.

The game that I’ve played. Around 23 minutes long.

Here is another video that I recorded back in 2016. I recorded it using my iPad and Dell laptop (Windows OS).

Another game that I recorded back in 2016

The video above got 1.5K views and I got $0.3 from Youtube monetization hehe


Namewee – A cool guy

I’m not in the mood of working this period of time. So I’m spending time watching creative movies/songs – something that inspire me.

I found Namewee on the internet – Youtube, a song for Japanese. The song is Tokyo Bon. A funny song about foreigner who travel to Japan and people there they speak Japanglish.

Image result for Tokyo Bon
A screenshot from the Tokyo Bon video clip

This guy is from Malaysia. He is travelling around the world. He partners up with local people to produce music videos about that country or a city in the country. Here are a list of songs that I’ve known:


Spring 2018

An automation video from my iPhone.


Slow Down The Time

I’m a 30-year-old guy, I found happiness inside my soul and thoughts. I find myself undead from inside.

The important thing now for me is: Slow Down The Time. You know, we only have 24 hours a day. But I have more than 24 hours a day using my imagination.